Adopting a new cat or dog is like a marriage. We want it to be a life-long, successful partnership.

To ensure its success we need to know as much as possible about each individual/family’s needs and lifestyle, so that we can recommend the best possible match.

Important Points to Consider:

  1. Experience and knowledge of dogs/cats, their behaviour, needs, habits, comforts, food, health and exercise;
  2. Your family circumstances
    Do you have enough space, time and money to care for a dog/cat?
  3. Housing conditions
    Are you allowed to keep a pet? Is there likely to be trouble with neighbours?
  4. On average, how long are you away from home each day/week? Some animals left all day alone get stressed out from loneliness;
  5. Are you able to make a long-term commitment to this dog/cat? Dogs/cats live an average of 15 years;
  6. If you already have a pet, is it neutered?

The Adoption Application Procedure

1. Fill out the online questionnaire form

To help us better understand your family situation and home environment, we kindly ask you to fill out the online questionnaire. This is available online or by downloading the form and returning it to us via email, fax, or post.

If you would prefer to send us the PDF form, please see our contact details below:

Osaka ARK (Nose)

Mail Address



Post Address

595 Noma Ohara, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka-fu 563-0131 JAPAN

Tokyo ARK

Mail Address



(In the case postal delivery, please contact us.)

2. ARK will contact you once the questionnaire form has been received

Once we have received and reviewed your questionnaire, we will contact you by email or phone and clarify what the next steps will be. We kindly ask that you provide us with an email address other than a mobile phone address (to avoid delivery issues). In the case of an interview, we will ask you for suitable days that best fit with your family’s schedule.

3. Interview

For the interview, we will invite you and your family to either meet us in our office or at one of our adoption events. For the interview, please bring with you the following documents:

  • Pet agreement: if you live in a rented property, the contract/form which states you are allowed to keep an animal on the premises.
  • Photographs: We may ask to see photographs of the inside and outside area of your home. This includes the entrance way, garden/balcony, fencing, and indoor areas.
    (In the case of a dog: we would like to see photographs on outside gates/fencing/walls to ensure they are of suitable height, to avoid any escape risks.)

The interview is a crucial step in the adoption process. We ask that all family members join so we can understand your home dynamics and help find a suitable animal to fit your family’s needs.

4. Come and meet the animals!

We have many dogs and cats looking for their forever homes. Perhaps there is a particular animal you would like to meet? This is the time to really get to know our animals and enjoy the time spent with them. We will be more than happy to answer any questions. We will also suggest suitable matches to meet your lifestyle and family needs.

5. Welcome home.

Once the interview process has been completed and an animal has been chosen, arrangements can be made to pick up/deliver your furry new family member.

*Please note, that there may be occasions when an interview will be declined due to various reasons. Your understanding is most appreciated

To Military Families

We regret to announce that we have had to suspend adoptions to military personnel stationed in Japan.

Like all other short-term residents, military personnel are asked to undergo pre-screening before the adoption process can begin in earnest. In the past, this was conducted on base at the Yokosuka Naval Base, even when the applicant was stationed elsewhere in Japan. This system was inconvenient for those stationed a long way from Yokosuka, but was generally successful. There are ARK animals living on several military facilities around Japan. Unfortunately, the person in charge of pre-screening was transferred. At this stage, we do not know when we will be able to resume adoptions.

We apologize to military families and hope that this setback does not deter them from adopting from another responsible organization.

Adoption Fees

The ¥20,000 (per animal) adoption fee covers the following:

  • vaccinations
  • blood test
  • spaying/neutering
  • microchipping
    (Taken together these could cost in excess of ¥50,000 yen at your local vet.)

Transport Fees

You will be asked to pay the airline fees for animals traveling between Osaka and Tokyo. Cost is calculated by weight. (A kitten costs approx. ¥3,000 and a German Shepherd approx. ¥25,000. ) Within central Tokyo, animals can be delivered to your home for an extra fee as listed below.

  • Within 10 km of the Tokyo ARK office / 3,000 yen
  • Over 10 km / 3,000 yen plus 1,000 yen per every 3 km
  • Over 15 km / Above plus highway toll
    The distance is measured using Navitime.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Available for adoption

Choose "dogs", "cats", or "other", then select the size and sex option of your choice as required. You can also select the location of the shelter you are interest in, but please note that you can adopt animals that are not currently located near you. Ask us for details!

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