My pet does not get along with the new dog/cat I just got, what do I do?

First, do not change your original pets routine and rules, give more attention to the established pet, especially when the new comer is around. When they first meet, let the established pet investigate the new arrival under supervision. Gradually, allow the two pets more and more direct contact with each other until a positive bond is reached. If there are problems at first, keep the new pet in a spare room or cage and let the other pet spend more time investigating. Bring out the new comer every now and then while maintaining attention to your original pet.


Are you looking for new volunteers and staff?

We are always welcome to people interested in volunteering at ARK. Your help makes a big difference to our current hard schedule and most rewarding for you and the animal. Currently we are in need of new staff members due to the increase in the number of animals being rescued/abandoned. If you are interested in volunteering or working at ARK, please contact us at 07-2737-0712 between 9:00am-6:00pm.


What should I do when I found an animal?

The first thing you should do when you find an animal, is to bring it to the closest vet for a basic health check (do not try to attempt to care for it at home without having it checked by a vet first), if there are no available animal clinic open then take it to the closest police station making sure it is not destined for the
hokensho before handing it over. Currently, ARK is the largest non-profit organisation in the Kansai region, we will accept abandoned, abused and/or neglected animals, if you have any doubts about the animal you have found than please do no hesitate to contact us at 07-2737-1712 or e-mail us at ark@arkbark.net

I recently got a new dog but I notice he/she has a tendency to eat its own/other animals stool, what can I do to stop this?

Stool-eating is called coprophagy, it is quite common in dogs but not so in cats. The causes are not known but it may sometimes be an attention behaviour or an attempt to obtain a nutrient lacking in the diet, it may also stem from frustration or anxiety. Suggested solutions: mix your pet’s food with something that causes the stool to have an aversive taste such as zucchini or any other food additive, but please check with your vet before adding anything. Sprinkle the stool with cayenne pepper. When you take your dog out for a walk and catch it ingesting stool, use a squirt bottle or shake can, then give him a toy to play with and praise him for taking interest in the toy.

Can I become a potential new owner of a dog/cat?

Owning a pet takes time, money, commitment and patience. Before deciding on getting a new pet think about your lifestyle and where you live. You must take into consideration the cost for caring for a pet, food, bedding, equipment, housing, vet bills are very expensive. The kind of animal you choose should depend on the amount of time you can spend with it. Avoid dogs if you work full-time. Cats are more independent but can get lonely, so it may be better to get two instead of just one! All animals need lots of love and attention, so make sure that you are going to stay interested in them all their lives. If you are sure you can be a good owner then there are lots of lovely animals at ARK looking for a new home.

Do you accept smaller animals such as rabbits and hamsters?

Yes we do accept smaller animals depending on the situation the animal is in. Currently, we have several rabbits, chickens, a hedgehog, a guinea pig and a chinchilla called Houdini.

My dog is always barking, what can I do to stop him?

Excessive barking is known to be the third most common complaint from dog owners. Most dogs bark when: they feel anxious or threatened, to get attention (if bored or lonely), fear of being left alone, some dogs naturally bark a lot, i.e. terriers, cocker spaniels, dachshunds, shelties and beagles. You can solve this by removing the problem causing tension or threat, when the dog starts barking, call it to you quietly and praise it for obeying, try a distracting noise, reward it only when it stops barking. For dogs alone all day, before you leave, sit quietly for a few minutes, ignoring the dog and then get up and leave. When you return, ignore your dog for a few minutes, then greet it. Provide plenty of toys so your dog won’t get bored.

I have found a new born kitten/puppy, how do I take care of it?

Young animals must be kept warm as they have no way of regulating their own body temperature (watch out for overheating). New borns (1 week old) need to be fed every 2-3 hours, the frequency of the feeds should decrease while the amount of milk given per feed increased, so by the time the animal is 2 weeks old every 4 hours is sufficient. Substitute milk are sold in vets and pet shops (cow’s milk should not be fed as it causes diarrhoea). If there is no substitute milk available at this time, soft drinks Poccari Sweat or Aquarius can equally be a substitute until milk can be obtained. Milk should be warmed to body temperature (test by putting a few drops on the back of your hand), the animals head held slightly elevated and teat inserted into the mouth, if the animal does not suckle than syringe feeding may be attempted (avoid choking). After feeding, the animal should be rubbed around the genital/anal region with a damp cotton wool to stimulate urination and defecation. Canned feeding can begin at 4 weeks of age, mix specially formulated canned food and milk substitute and smear around the mouth. Continue this for another week or so, you should be looking forward to a full nights sleep soon!

I am moving out of my apartment and the new apartment does not allow pets, can you take my pet in?

We have had several cases where we took in pets from owners that could no longer keep them due to Japan’s strict housing law. However, it is always best to look for housing that allows pets, you will be surprised what you can find by browsing on the internet. Putting an ad in the newspaper/magazine or asking your friends/neighbours if they could take your pet is also another solution. It must be stressed that we are extremely short in kennel space at the moment so we would appreciate it if you could try your best to find a new home for your pet, but if all else fails please do not abandon it, call us and we can help you.

There is an abused and neglected animal around my neighbourhood, what should I do? I can’t keep pets so can you come and rescue it?

Yes, we give top priority for stray puppies, kittens, abused and neglected animals. However, we are located in Osaka and can only rescue animals in the Kansai area, if you know of any such cases please call us or e-mail us the details of the situation, address, contact number and type of animal.