ARK No. D52-11HH
Arrived at ARK February 2024
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around February 2014
Weight 5.7kg
Breed Terrier × Maltese
Background Napoli was surrendered due to allergies.
Napoli here is an adorable Terrier/Maltese mix who is quite the charmer! She is incredibly affectionate and loves being cuddled and carried around like a baby. Napoli is quite friendly with other dogs, but it really depends on how their personalities match. She didn’t have much experience with walks, however with daily outings nearby, she is getting the hang of it! As much as we love Napoli’s rounded body, she is currently on a diet to slowly get her into shape…she is definitely fond of her yummy treats! We are certain you will be charmed by little Napoli as much as we have and we are hoping she will find her forever family very soon.