ARK No. D52-14HH
Arrived at ARK March 2024
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in November 2018
Weight 6.8kg
Breed French bulldog
Background Tosca was surrendered due to allergies in the family.

With a face like Tosca’s, it’s hard not to smile when you lock eyes with him. He really is a cutie. He is also very loving, affectionate, and friendly but in a quiet and gentle kind of way. He has been known to follow people around inconspicuously (its very funny) and ask to be carried around like a baby, which he loves. That being said, when something bothers Tosca, he will not be afraid to let you know! However, we find his ‘set in his way’ quirks quite endearing as it gives him character! Tosca may not be very keen on walks, but he has been doing better with some more exposure and training. He does get along however with most dogs (depending on how their characters match) and this may help him feel more confident on walks. Tosca has some skin issues which he is currently being treated for, so we are asking for potential adopters to be aware of this and to be able to continue treatment at home. All in all, Tosca will certainly make a wonderful addition to a family. He is delightful and a joy to be with, so please come visit him soon!

Adoption Application