ARK No. D52-21HH
Arrived at ARK April 2024
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around 2013
Weight 20.9kg
Breed Beagle × Plott Hound
Background Amber was surrendered due to family circumstances.
Sweet Amber holds a special place in our hearts. You may have noticed an influx of Plott Hound mixes enter our shelter recently and in fact, many of those dogs are actually Amber’s babies. Sadly, Amber was used as a breeding dog and has had a countless number of litters. On top of that, she was also used as a hunting dog and as you can see from her photo’s she is covered in scars and is missing part of her ear. We can only imagine the suffering and pain she went through. However, when we look and interact with Amber, we are equally in awe of her tenacity and strength. Not only that, Amber is a sweetheart with nothing but pure love to give. She adores people and with her kind and gentle character, we cannot help but give her cuddles (no matter how busy we may be). After all her years of struggles, what we hope for more than anything is a kind, understanding and loving family to take her home and treat her like the queen she truly is.
Adoption Application