ARK No. D52-6HH
Arrived at ARK February 2024
Location TokyoARK
Sex Male
Age Born in March 2009
Weight 9.8kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Due to a natural disaster, Eddison couldn't be cared for any longer.

Eddie is a very sweet, active, playful and people-loving dog, who just wants a second chance at happiness. He is very friendly boy, who never shies away from people and adapted to shelter life fairly quickly. He enjoys being cuddled, carried and receiving endless amounts of pats and especially loves being stroked around his face! He is also a keen walker who will trot merrily along and we all find it very cute. Eddie gets along well with most dogs…and particularly likes to show off in front of the ladies! We are in the process of trying to put weight on Eddie, but due to his gourmet tastebuds, we are still on the lookout for something he finds suitable! All of us love Eddie and we’re sure you will too, so please come give him a visit soon.

Adoption Application