【Rest in Peace】Pudding from Fukushima

January 28, 2012

【Rest in Peace】Pudding from Fukushima (January 28, 2012)


We are sad to report that Pudding, a dog who survived the Fukushima earthquake, has passed away.


 Pudding was featured in our newsletter and website back in July. ( )We received a call from her family that she passed away from acute pulmonary emphysema.

 Shortly after the earthquake struck her home, Pudding had to leave her home because of the nuclear accident, and lived in a car while her previous family took refuge. One month before the quake, she suffered from gastric torsion and was successfully saved by surgery. Her family could no longer keep her and asked ARK to take her in and find her a happy home. Pudding found a family with the couple that fostered her, and loved her from their first meeting. Because of her new family’s love and care, Pudding was able to live the rest of her life in a warm and safe home.

 Rest in Peace Pudding. We will miss you.