【Special Feature】Pudding's Story

October 15, 2011

【Featured Story】Pudding (Posted 2011.7.9)


 After the earthquake that occurred in March 2011, Pudding was in search of a new family and home. She was recently adopted by the family that fostered her through Tokyo ARK. With their help and support, Pudding has been able to find a safe home.

 Five years ago, a stray dog was staying at the police station in the city of Namie, in the Fukushima Prefecture. A family that offered to take her to a health center decided to keep her. She got a new name, “Pudding,” and was welcomed with lots of love and affection by her family. Unfortunately, in February 2011, Pudding suffered from gastric torsion and was successfully saved by surgery. Her life was in grave danger but the doctors somehow managed to save her. Another difficult ordeal would soon strike for Pudding and her family just a month later. 
 On March 2011, the earthquake struck close to Pudding and her family. Families had to leave the city. Pudding’s family loved close to the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and had to evacuate because of the ongoing nuclear plant accident. The family was concerned whether or not they would be able to care for Pudding during a time of crisis, but they decided to seek refuge with her in tow. After wandering around for shelter, the family had to evacuate to Chiba with Pudding in their van for 10 days. 

  When they arrived in the city, they found out it was difficult to live with a big dog, and the family decided to call Tokyo ARK to take temporary custody of Pudding. Pudding was fostered by ARK volunteers and was awaiting the day she would be able to live with her family again.

 However, with the nuclear crisis showing now signs of improvement, and no prospect of families being able to return to their homes, Pudding’s family decided to find an apartment and move with her in June. They were unable to find an apartment that would allow them to bring Pudding along to with them. The family had spent 5 years with Pudding giving her all of their love and care, and Pudding had finally found happiness with them after living in shelters previously. They had to make the painful decision to part with her. The family’s ordeal compelled Tokyo ARK to seek a new family for Pudding. The unexpected occurred when the family fostering Pudding decided they wanted to adopt her.

Pudding was welcomed into their home and has found happiness with her new family! 

 The foster family kept contact with Pudding’s previous family, and they sent pictures of her to them to show them how well she is doing. Because of both families efforts and exchanges concerning her well being, Pudding knows she is in a safe place right now. We would like to say a great thank you to Pudding’s new family.

 Pudding’s new owners accepted her into their home and understood the hardships she had gone through. The Tokyo ARK staff and volunteers were pleased to hear that Pudding’s new family reported that she seems very happy. Tokyo ARK would like to take this time to thank all of the foster families who work hard and put forth a lot of effort to temporarily take care of the animals in our custody. Without a shelter in Tokyo, it is with great appreciation to our volunteer fosters, who without them, we would not be able to give these animals a second chance at a new home and life. The staff at Tokyo ARK owe you the deepest gratitude. 

 We wish Pudding and her family all the best, and the happiest, brightest future together! ★