【11.4 Update】Animals Reunited with Owners!

November 15, 2011

We would like to thank you all for your help!

Since the 3/11 earthquake, Tokyo ARK has fostered the animals whose owners were evacuated from the disaster areas.

We would like to thank the volunteers who temporarily fostered these animals, the volunteers who helped to rescue the animals from the evacuation zone, those who helped provide medical aid for the animals, the veterinary staff at the Nakata clinic, everyone who donated food and grooming products, and all of our supporters. The ARK staff would like to extend our deepest thank yous.

These rescued animals have been safely returned to their previous owners.

For those animals who have not been returned yet, Tokyo ARK will foster these animals until their homes are safe enough to return. For those who are still fostering these animals, we continue to appreciate your hard work and support.

Tokyo ARK

Animals Reunited with Owners!

Most of the animals that were rescued were primarily from the Fukushima Prefecture. As the nuclear disaster in Fukushima has not yet been resolved, we are working towards reuniting the evacuated animals with their owners in the near future.

November 2, 2011 Reunited with Owner!
Pub was finally reunited with her family after 6 long months. Pub appeared to be extremely delighted to return to her family. The whole family gathered to welcome Pub with open arms. Pub showed her happiness by endlessly giving them licks and kisses on their faces!

Yu (ARK name: Kussa)
October 26, 2011 Reunited with Owner!
When ARK went to the disaster zone to rescue animals, Kussa came out and approached us! It is rare for cats to do this, and we were amazed and proved that she loves and trusts people. She even seemed to get used to her foster home rather quickly.

The day after Yu reunited with her owners, we received an email from them. When they returned to their home, one of their cats that ran away had come back on its own. After the disaster, they’ve been going through a lot of hardships, but now that the whole family has come back together, they feel that there’s hope for the future. We are very pleased to hear from Yu’s family and wish them all the best.

March 26, 2011 Reunited with Owner!

3 Cats
March 29, 2011 Reunited with Owner!
Tokyo ARK fostered these cats right after the earthquake, but now they have been returned safely to their homes.

Ringo & Momo
April 6, 2011 Reunited with Owner!
Ringo and Momo’s owner evacuated from their home and brought the cats to Tokyo. The traffic on their way over was terrible, but they were able to bring them safely to Tokyo ARK. ARK was worried that the cats would not get used to their new environment, but the cats were somehow able to live comfortably in their new space. They were able to return to their home shortly after, and had a happy reunion with their owners.

April 27, 2011 Reunited with Owner!
Tiara’s owner evacuated their home and was taking shelter at the Saitama Super Arena. She was temporarily fostered after coming to Tokyo ARK. Her foster family would take her to their shop where she became a local favorite among the neighborhood! She has been safely reunited with her owners who are very pleased to see her healthy and happy.

May 29, 2011 Reunited with Owner!

Flea and Alice
≪ July 4. 2011 Reunited with Owner! ≫
Right after Flea joined his family as a second pet, the earthquake struck and the family had to evacuate their home. Flea and Alice’s family were very worried and saddened that they had to be separated from their dogs until they were able to find a new place to live. After coming to Tokyo ARK, Flea and Alice had to stay in separate foster homes, but when they were reunited at the office, they clicked right away. Flea was still his hyperactive self, and Alice benefitted from living with her foster and their two dogs, having learned a lot from them. Alice is now acting like a more mature big sister to Flea and spent a lot of time playing together when they reunited. Their owners were delighted and pleased to see Alice had matured, and thanked their respective foster families for their care.

≪July 4, 2011 Reunited with Owner! ≫
After coming to Tokyo ARK, Nana had a health check up at the Nakata Veterinary Clinic, where they found problems with her heart. Since she is a senior dog, they were very concerned about her health. However, she was energetic and strong thought. She has been safely reunited with her owners who were delighted to see her happy and healthy!

≪ July 24, 2011 Reunited with Owner!≫
Choco is a very outgoing and free spirited boy, he was still playful and lively at his foster family’s home. He was taken good care of, and his fur was beautiful and soft. He became healthier too! Choco appeared sad to be parting with his foster family, but was delighted to be reunited with his owners!

≪ July 26, 2011 Reunited with Owner!≫
Chapel learned new obedience skills with her foster family. When Chapel was reunited with her owner, they said she appeared to be more smart and sharp, thanks to her training. Chapel was happy to get lots of love and praise. Her owner found a pet accepted apartment complex before reuniting with her beloved Chapel again.

≪ August 2, 2011 Reunited with Owner! ≫
Cotaro was stressed being away from his owners. He was very happy and relieved to be reunited with his family!

≪ August 19, 2011 Reunited with Owner! ≫
Mole is guinea pig who squeals like “Quu” when it’s time to eat. Her foster parent was very loving and took great care of her. Everytime her foster parent would come back home, she would be excited to see Mole again. Mole’s owners were waiting with a new home for her. Mole was very happy and started immediately running around her new home!

≪ August 19, 2011 Reunited with Owner! ≫
Luna’s foster family took very good care of her, and she was able to live comfortably while living in Tokyo. Because of this, her health seems to have improved compared to her health prior to the earthquake. Luna and her owners were very happy to see each other when they reunited. It seemed as though they did not spend any time apart from each other.

When we took Luna and Mole back to their owners, the family of Choco and Namie greeted them and welcomed them back home! The two seemed to remember the faces of the staff, and were happy to see us again!

≪ September 16, 2011 Reunited with Owner! ≫
Phoebe was not allowed to be inside refuge shelters with her owners. Therefore, she was living inside a car, and would curl up in a round ball to keep herself warm. Because of living in terrible conditions after the earthquake, her fur was quite dirty. When she was brought to ARK’s care, the foster family found that her skin condition was poor, and made sure to bring her back to health. She took daily walks and was fed well, and now she looks healthy and is quite strong now! When she was reunited with her owners, she was very happy to see them!