【Thank you!】Foster Homes Needed for Dogs

November 15, 2011

[Finished] Foster Homes Needed for Dogs

We would like to thank all those who have supported ARK.
We are in need of foster homes for several smaller breed dogs.

Here is the criteria our organization requires for the foster homes. Please understand/acknowledge these requirements.

  • If you own a pet(s), your pet(s) have been neutered and/or spayed.
  • The animal must be raised indoors.
  • Able to work with the animal if it has not been toilet trained or socialized.
  • Once you become a foster, you must be able to pick up the animal at the Tokyo ARK office (Oota-ku, Tokyo)
  • In an emergency regarding the animal, you are able to bring the animal to the Tokyo ARK office or ARK’s vet Nakata Veterinary Clinic.
  • The foster must be able to bring and pick up the animal at the adoption events which usually take place 2 to 3 times a month.
  • The foster is able to look after the animal until an adoption family is found for the animal.

※ If you have any question regarding the foster family process, please contact the Tokyo ARK office.

Foster Home Q & A

Q. Is it mandatory to bring the foster animal to the adoption events every time?
A. We require all of Tokyo ARK’s animals to participate in the adoption events. All scheduled events are updated ahead of time on our website under the Tokyo Ark events and adoption section. If you are unable to bring the animal on the day of the event, please contact Tokyo Ark prior to the event. Since there is a possibility that a family is interested in adopting the animal and would like to see it at the event, please bring the animal to the Ark office if you are unable to take it to the event directly.
Participating in the adoption event, allows potential adoptive families to communicate with the foster families and learn more about the animal they are looking to adopt making it easier for the animals to quickly find new homes.

Q. If the foster family is leaving the house for awhile, is it possible to leave the animal with a friend or relative?
A. All animals under foster care must be brought back to the Ark office if you are deciding to leave your home for a certain period. The foster care for the animal is an official contract between ARK and the foster family only. If you are away for a long period of time, please contact Tokyo Ark. We will look for another foster home to look after the animal. If your friend or relative is interested in becoming a foster, please have them contact us. It is necessary for them to go through the foster care process of making a contract and having a trial period with the animal. Please do not give the animal to another foster home without going through ARK.

Q. If I live in an apartment complex that does not allow pets, am I still able to foster?
A. We do not allow those who live in pet restricted homes to foster. If a problem with neighbors and the community arises, ARK cannot take any responsibility. Please understand our policy.

Q. What should I do if the dog/cat has behavioral problems under my foster care?
A. We have an ARK volunteer who is an animal trainer. If the animal has signs of behavioral problems, please contact Tokyo Ark. If we decide that the animal needs training with the trainer, we will ask the foster family to cooperate with Ark and the trainer.

Q. What should I do if the dog/cat develops a health condition or becomes injured under my care?
A. Please contact Tokyo Ark as soon as possible. We may ask the foster to take the animals to the nearest veterinary clinic. In this case, we ask the foster to contact us and send us the receipt/invoice for the medical fee that is required. We will be responsible for taking care of the foster animals medical expenses.

Q. Can I choose what kind of dog/cat to foster?
A. The foster family is able to decide which animal to foster from our Tokyo Ark Adoption list. Fosters may choose the size of the animal they are capable of looking after. However, the foster cannot limit their decision to certain types of breeds only. We ask the fosters to be able to look after any type of dog or cat on our list.

Q. Is it possible to receive any information regarding the animal after it is adopted or information regarding the potential family for the animal I have fostered?
A. We cannot release any personal information regarding the adoption family. Tokyo Ark is responsible for making sure our animals find the best homes. Thus, the adoptive family goes through our strict adoption process before we our dogs and cats become adopted. If the adoption family is willing to make contact with the animals’ foster, we may be able to give the foster some (limited) information. However, anything regarding the adoption family is confidential information.

Q. What should I do if my friend/relative captures a stray animal?
A. Please have your friend/relative Tokyo ARK directly as soon as possible. We will consult with him/her about the next course of action. There is no special treatment for friends/relatives of volunteers or fosters. They must go through the same animal capture process required by Tokyo ARK.
Our staffs’ mobile number is a direct contact only between the foster and the staff for emergency purposes. Please have your friend/relative contact us at our Tokyo ARK office number regarding capture and other information.

For those interested in foster caring our animals, please download the form below through this link.【Foster Parent Questionnaire】Please send the filled form via FAX(050-1557-2763)or e-mail(

※ For those who already own a pet: Although it is not listed in the form, we would greatly appreciate if you give us any description regarding your pet. If the pet is incompatible with certain breeds or any other information that will help us decide which animal can be fostered.

※It is possible that we cannot contact you directly after you send us the form. Also, there may be a possibility for last minute foster changes due to the dogs’/cats’ situation. We may also contact you in emergency situations if necessary. Please understand these circumstances.

Thank you for your help and support.

Tokyo ARK