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【 Thank you! 】2.11 Adoption Event

February 11, 2012

【Thank you!】2.11 Adoption Event at Dog Life Design in Komazawa


An adoption event was held on February 11 (Sat), at Dog Life Design in Komazawa!


We were happy to see so many faces, familiar and new at the event!

 Takako greeted everyone at the entrance with a big smile on her face! She had tons of energy and couldn’t stay still. Meeting people is very rewarding for her, so the more people she met, the merrier she became!

 ”There are so many people here! To see me? And my dog and cat friends?”

 Takako is looking very healthy and friendly. We look forward to seeing her find her family in the near future!

 Miffy came to ARK in July 2011 after being rescued from a breeder located in the disaster area.
He is the grandpa of the Tokyo ARK dogs, and is a calm, gentle character loved by everyone. Miffy had not met a family that is interested in adopting him… until this time that is! We received quite a few inquiries about families wanting to meet him! We hope that Miffy will find a family soon…

 The three puppies from Fukushima have grown so big in a matter of months!

 Maruko was watching the other dogs while sitting on top of a volunteer’s lap. She seemed to be listening carefully, especially to kids! Since she is just a puppy, she needs lots of proper socialization to grown into a friendly adult.

 Fujiko has grown into a big girl. She used to be so tiny! She is a bit troublesome, so she needs training, but she is friendly and loves to play. She was mostly running around teasing the other dogs.★☆

 ”Wow! ★☆ Look at all these people who came to see us! Thank you!”
The two dachshund sisters reunited once again!
Kirara and Kurara are always happy to see each other again at the events. They live in separate foster homes for the time being, but they do miss each other it seems. Maybe they will find a new family? Maybe even live together again?

 Here is the sweetest girl you will ever meet: Aloha!
Aloha is a very good girl and so beautiful. Her mother Loco and brother Shell were adopted awhile ago. It took Aloha awhile to get used to being without her family. She is very happy with her foster parents, but would like to have a family of her own soon. She enjoys meeting the visitors at the events and gets good experience being around all kinds of people.

 TaroJiro both spent time trying to sit on visitors’ laps.
It seems at every adoption event, they just want to sit on somebody’s lap!
They both look very pleased, don’t they?

 We had many volunteers come by to help us this time!
They always greet our guests with the biggest smiles! To everyone who supported us at the event, thank you!


 The volunteers who help out at the events are not only people… Bun-chan, a dog adopted from ARK, came by to help us welcome the visitors! We were so happy to see Bun-chan and his family doing well. A big thank you to Bun-chan and his family!★☆

【Thank you!】Adoption Event 1.28 at DOGSIGN in Jingumae


On January 28, 2012 (Saturday), an adoption event was held at DOGSIGN in Jingumae!



The air was so chilly! Everyone definitely felt the cold air on top of the DOGSIGN roof where the event is always held.



Introducing Takako! Such a sweet face, no? ★ Takako/Female/3 years old


Momo-chan, who has been happily rehomed, came to visit us with her family!



“Hello, I’m Momo. Nice to see you all again!”



Kirara/Female/3 years old



Kurara/Female/3 years old


Sisters Kurara and Kirara reunited at the event, leading to many happy, wagging tails!★



Jiro/Male/7 years old


Jiro loves being spoiled with hugs and kisses, especially one of a certain volunteer! Just make sure to be respectful of his space…



Taro/Male/7 years old


Taro is a very cool boy, but secretly likes to get hugs. He and Jiro came from the same household.



Makoto/Male/3 years old


Makoto used to be very shy and hide from people all the time. Since he’s been trained, he has warmed up to greeting people and can now attend adoption events regularly. He happens to like younger ladies! Hopefully he can find a home of his own soon…



Noel/Female/4 years


Since Noel is a hairless breed, she curls up to the closest bed or blanket to stay warm. Luckily, she may have found a family that is interested in adopting her! Her hard work and effort at the events have paid off! Good luck Noel!



Ponyo/Male/4 years old


Ponyo always tries his best to brave the cold at these events. He wore a hand knit scarf specially knitted for him by a fan of his! Such a kind a thoughtful gift to sweet Ponyo. He has been stressed lately from changing foster families multiple times. Ponyo is looking for a foster home and (hopefully) a family to call his own.



To all of the visitors for braving the cold once again to show your support, thank you! The dogs appreciate and enjoy your presence each and every time there is an event. To our volunteers for helping us, a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To DOGSIGN for providing an amazing venue to hold our events, we look forward to more events at your store this year. Thank you!



Next adoption event、
February 11, 2012 (Saturday) 13:00-16:00
Location: Dog Life Design at Komazawa

【Thank you!】Adoption Event at United Nations Farmer’s Market (1.21)


On January 21, 2012 (Saturday), an adoption event was held at the United Nations Farmer’s Market!



At the Do One Good PARK, people gathered even amidst the cold, almost snowy weather!
The Farmer’s Market is always bustling with activity.
People braved the weather under umbrellas and warm clothing.
Luckily the ARK event was held under a roof, so we were sheltered from the light rain.

Noel immediately found a rare warm spot to snuggle into!
The doggie bed had a warm heat insert, so it was nice and toasty.
“I am here today braving the cold! Please come see me!”
Noel is sensitive to the cold, since she is a hairless breed. The weather posed a challenge for her.
During the winter, it is important to keep her bundled up.

Taro and Jiro were being held most of the time to keep warm.
The hugs kept the two brother warm… which they very much appreciated!

We would like to thank our volunteers for helping us in the event, despite the cold weather. Thank you for your hard work! Thank you to everyone who stopped by for kindly visiting us that day. Thank you to the Do One good Park and the United Nations Farmer’s Market for providing a wonderful venue for our event once again.

Next Adoption Event
January 28 (Sat) 12:00-15:00
Location: DOGSIGN in Jingumae

【Thank you!】 1.14 Adoption Event at DLD in Komazawa!


On January 14, 2012 (Saturday), an adoption event was held at Dog Life Design in Komazawa!


 This was the first adoption event of the new year for Tokyo ARK at Dog Life Design. There were so many guests stopping by… a lot more than usual! Everyone braved the cold to spend some time with us!

 There was a feeling in the air, even with the animals, of energy from the new year.

 Naku, spent most of the day on top of the crates watching the action. He looked very elegant perched a top everyone else. He did not seem nervous at all, and welcomed everyone’s greetings and strokes on his soft fur.
 It was Spark and Bean’s first adoption event ever! The kittens may have found a family who want a trial period with them. Maybe they will find a forever home early this year? We hope it goes well for the two kittens!

 Siblings Chocolat and Marron were very relaxed in their crate. They’ve grown up to be two very beautiful kittens.
  Noel had lots of energy, and worked the room. She welcomed all of the guests coming in before anyone else. Caesar mostly took the opportunity to nap in the warmth. He is patiently waiting for a family who will give him a nice, warm place to nap in their home…

  Ponyo is beginning to enjoy himself at the adoption events. He was even more grateful that this event was held indoors! Maybe 2012 will be his lucky year, and he will find a family?

 On this plush bed is the always popular… Tom ! Tom may have found a family who wants to adopt him! He remained calm while they pet him gently.
  Makoto has become a familiar face at the events. He is becoming less shy and more open than he was in the past. All the hard training seems to have paid off!

 Both Kirara and Jiro wanted to be carried! They were calm throughout and observed everyone from the safety of the arms of the volunteers. The good thing was, they did socialize, and Kirara loves to meet new people. Jiro is learning to be friendly and he did very well at the event. We are so proud of him!

At the events, goods are sold and pamphlets are distributed to provide more information to our guests. Thank you for supporting ARK!

 The first event of the new year was a success, and we welcomed so many visitors, familiar and new alike. To all of our supporters who stopped by, a big thank you for ringing in the new year with us!
To or volunteers who are always there to help us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To DLD for providing the venue, we look forward to the events held at your store in the new year! Thank you always!

Next Adoption Event
January 21 (Sat), 12:00 to 15:00
Location: United Nations Farmer’s Market


Last but not least…

Jill came to visit us!
She was rehomed last year and is doing great with her family!
She looked healthy and happy-which put a huge smile on everybody’s face 🙂
Come visit us again soon Jill!

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