Library of Animals Rehomed in 2007

January 1, 2007

Animals rehomed in January 2007

Paola was adopted by our very own Miyao-san, the head of Tokyo Ark. The staff at the Osaka shelter asked her if she would adopt Paola because her chances of finding a home were very low. She is now a very happy dog living with Wataru-kun who loves going for walks with Paola, although Wataru doesn’t seem to be doing much walking!
Paola, 5-year-old female


Thank you to Ashley and Deacon who are so dedicated to animal welfare. Ashley and Deacon agreed to be a foster family for ARK. We knew whatever dog we sent to them, they would transform into a loving, happy dog. Lao’s previous owners didn’t think anyone would want Lao. Ashley and Deacon
adopted Lao and now he is a very lucky dog.
Lao, 5-year-old male


Thank you to this lovely family for adopting these two friends together!
Left: Taro, 9-year-old male
Right: Sen, 7-month-old male


Thank you to Stacey and her husband for giving a home to an old dog that was probably never going to leave the shelter.
Debbie, 9-year old female


Rabi, 11-year old female


Animals rehomed in February 2007

Marshmallow with his new family. Nolan and Jo also adopted one of our beautiful kittens.


Jan has transformed into a relaxed and happy dog thanks to his foster family, the Tanaka family. Even better news – they have decided to adopt him!
Jan, Sheltie


Tsubaki (Suri) was found wandering in the middle of the street in very poor condition. Watanabe-san, a passer-by, was afraid she would be hit by a car, so he took her in and called ARK. Tsubaki came to my home for a few days and I will never forget it – it soon became clear she had been kept in a cage her whole life, probably just for breeding. We called Sato-san of Pet Mignon for her professional help and she agreed to foster her. How dogs change! She learned how to go for a walk and worked on her toilet-training. A wonderful family came all the way from Aichi Prefecture to adopt Tsubaki. She has two dog friends at home now, and she is lucky enough to sleep next to the son of her new family. A big thank you to everyone who helped Tsubaki to live.
Tsubaki, Afghan Hound


A happy ending….

These two kittens were found in a rubbish bin by the Grell family at five days old. Their young children helped to hand-raise the tiny kittens. When they were bigger they went to our wonderful cat foster person, Melissa. From there, the Neferanovics who are both cat lovers, kindly agreed to adopt both to keep them together. International teamwork!
Left:Tommy (now Lily) female five months
Right: Kipper (now Momo) male five months


Thank you to Lucas and Tomoyo for adopting a staff favorite. Lucky 2 has heartworm so we never thought he would be adopted even though he is the loveliest dog. We are so happy for you Lucky 2!
Lucky 2, 10-year-old male


Animals rehomed in March 2007

Grace is adopted! She now eats better than the Tokyo staff. The Tokyo staff would also like to be considered for adoption…or at least meals.
Grace, 10-month female


Mid arrived at the shelter scared, went to a great foster home in Tokyo, and is now part of a happy family.
Mid, 6 year-old male


Animals rehomed in April 2007

Gen, 4-year old male


Hi! My name is Fubordo. I came to the shelter as a puppy, but no one adopted me. It was a long wait for me, but now I have been invited to join this lovely family and, after careful consideration, I accepted! We are now a team.
Fubordo, 5-year old male


Toby went all the way to the shelter to volunteer and became friends with Punch. Thank you for adopting an older dog!
Punch, 12-year old male


Our volunteer, Michiru, fell in love with Bell, and when things didn’t work out for Bell at a foster home, Michiru and her husband decided to adopt him.
Bell, 6-year old male


Animals rehomed in May 2007

We were found in an overturned drum in a factory yard. We were rescued and cared for by a lovely foster family who helped us so much. Now we have a permanent home! So far we have eaten strawberries, sat on daffodill patches, walked inside the house muddy – but everyone loves us!!!
Lisa, 5-month old female/ Coda, 5-month old male


I was found wandering around the streets, but now I am an important member of this family!
Kotetsu, 5-month old male


Animals rehomed in June 2007

Phew! I was getting a bit worried….all my brothers and sisters got adopted and I got left behind. I am cute, no doubt about it, but there always seemed to be someone cuter next to me….but maybe it was all for the best because the Yamada’s adopted me!!
Charisma – female – 7 months


I was one of the puppies dumped at ARK in a box. Therese and Jason came all the way to Osaka to meet me. Now, I have my very own family!
Sedona – female – 3 months


I came to ARK with very little chance of being adopted, but this lovely woman and her husband chose me! I still can’t quite believe my luck.
Noodle, 2-year old female


I was rescued from a cruel man who killed many of his dogs. (Several volunteer groups are working together to prosecute this man.) But now I am with this incredibly kind family in one of the most beautiful parts of Japan. Thank you!
Choco, 2-year old female


Animals rehomed in July 2007

Pinza is Nearco’s brother and lives 2 minutes down the road! Ashley, Carter, and Sadie are very gentle with him and everyone at ARK is delighted he has his own family. Thank you Shannon and Daniel!

When Hamachi arrived at the Tokyo office he spent most of the afternoon trying to hide behind the bookshelf, but when his family came to adopt him, he started climbing their legs. We got an email today to say he has settled in well and loves his new home.

Nearco can jump pretty much any fence, so we had to keep him in the office much to his disappointment. At the shelter, he would jump the fence and go on walks with other dogs – but only with staff he knew. He is now with Elaine, Matt, and their beautiful dog and gets lots of exercise, training, and love.

Rosy and Bell (ARK rescue dog) are best friends – thank you, Michiru!


Animals rehomed in August 2007


Yuki was a very timid dog, but she seemed to instantly bond with her new owner.


Happiness itself!

Left: Jijo Right: Topo

These two 6-month male papillon puppies were adopted together.


Nanako, now three-months old, was found crying outside an apartment building, but now she has a home.


Ron is a 12-year-old male that has gone to a great home with other dog friends.

Animals rehomed in September 2007

Ashitaka and Sophie

Ashitaka is five-months old (left) and Sophie three. As you all probably know, Ashitaka was at an age where adoption gets less and less likely. We mentioned Ashitaka’s age to this wonderful couple, and they said they would be happy to adopt. They wanted two kittens, and since Sophie and Ashitaka are best friends, they were adopted together. Cat heaven.

Animals rehomed in October 2007

Bobby and Wendy

Do you remember these two kittens? They were found on the side of the road in Fukushima. They were rescued by a British family living in Fukushima and they have now found a wonderful home with another British family living in Tokyo. Bobby and Wendy seemed determined to go to the UK! They will spend some time in Tokyo and then be spending the rest of their days in the English countryside! Thanks to this lovely family and everyone who helped rescue these kittens.


Addy carefully chose Osugi and saved up her pocket money to pay for Osugi’s adoption fee. Thank you, Addy!


Eboshi is now safe and happy with a kind family and grandchildren to look after her.


Mickey is eight and is feeling his age, but this lovely family have adopted him. They’ve made lots of preparations for him and he was so happy at the airport. Somehow he seemed to realize he was getting a new start in life.

Animals rehomed in November 2007

Koharu and Chika

These two kittens were thrown out in the burnable rubbish. But they were rescued and brought to Tokyo ARK. They have turned into the most beautiful, sweet-natured female cats you could ever imagine. Koharu and Chika are Tokyo stars appearing on our posters and in a number of ads!


Thank you to this lovely couple for adopting the most adorable cat – Boss. Many people were afraid of Boss because he is so huge, but he is the friendliest, sunniest cat. We are happy that you have finally been discovered, Boss!


Edo is back with his family after a short stay at ARK.

Animals rehomed in December 2007

Kinako, 2-year-old female


Julie, 10-year-old female

Julie has been adopted as one of Elizabeth Oliver’s house dogs – an honor reserved for older dogs.

Rum, 3-month-old female