【Happy News】Tuckey's Story

January 27, 2012

【Happy News】Tuckey’s Story


★ Tuckey has found his family! ★



 Tuckey began his life at a breeding facility operating in Fukushima. After the earthquake, the breeder was forced to shut down their business, and ARK rescued Tuckey along with more than 100 dogs. A small Chinese crested dog, Tuckey came to ARK at the tender age of 7. We are happy to announce that Tuckey has finally found a home, almost one year since arriving at Tokyo ARK!

 Tuckey has been living with his foster family while attending almost every adoption event. He has been looking for the right family to adopt him for so long. He had many people interested in him, but the adoption process never came through. After many months of searching and waiting, he met the family that wanted him as much as he wanted them! Tuckey is such a cheerful and sensitive boy. He made everyone he encountered smile with his puppy-like demeanor. Although he looks and (sometimes) acts like a puppy, living in horrible conditions for 7 years at the breeder’s was apparent in his damaged left eye. We were all worried that his eye condition would turn potential families away for a very long time.

 Tuckey’s foster family made cards for the New Years and included a picture of him as part of their family photo. Upon receiving the card, Tuckey caught the eye of a family who immediately wanted to know more about him. “Who is this cute, fluffy, dog?” They wondered. After learning about Tuckey’s history, they decided to adopt him. Tuckey is no longer on the search to find his forever home.

 We want to thank Tuckey’s new family for giving him a second chance at happiness. With every adoption, the opportunity to spread the word about ARK’s animals grows larger. We also want to thank Tuckey’s foster family for taking great care of him. We are very proud of you Tuckey! We wish you and your family all the best!


★ Tuckey, we wish all the happiness in the world for you! ★

(Posted: January 27, 2012)