【Special Feature】Cats looking for homes: Bluey, Naku, Citrus and Lime

January 15, 2012

【Special Feature】Cats looking for homes: Bluey, Naku, Citrus and Lime



Bluey: Male, 5 years old (born March 31, 2006), Mix

 When he first arrived at ARK, Bluey was shy and did not trust anyone. He scared the staff away by hissing at them and swiping his paw! However, the staff worked hard to connect with him by communicating with him daily. Now he can’t stop getting enough tummy rubs and strokes! Bluey is such a kind, friendly and charming boy. He meows in his sweet voice for attention. After he gets his brushing and petting session, it is hard to leave him when he has a sad face that says, “Please pet me some more!” Bluey prefers being the only cat in the household, since he does not get along with other cats. He is accustomed to life indoors with a nice warm bed near a window with sunlight pouring in. There, he can relax in peace and happily watch the family go about their daily business.


Naku: Male, 8 years old (born 2003), Maine Coon

 Naku is the most dignified and calm cat we have ever come across. Everything about him is elegant! The way he strides across the room, the way he eats, the way he naps, the way he looks at people… He may look like royalty, but in reality, Naku is actually a very friendly boy. He doesn’t mind being spoiled with hugs and lots of petting. He has a lot of fur which needs to be well groomed to prevent it from becoming tangled. He is fine with other animals, even dogs, as long as they are respectful of his space. A trained dog would be best! If you would like to meet a royal cat, come see Naku at ARK!


Citrus and Lime: Male, 9months old (born May 2011), Mix

 Citrus and Lime are not only siblings, but also the best of friends. When they first arrived at ARK, they were tiny kittens, who were shy and a little bit afraid of people. They’ve been socialized thoroughly now, and get along with other cats and even dogs! They are the friendliest kittens and genuinely love people. They will climb up on laps to sleep, or jump up on desks when you are working to get attention. When they are together, the brothers cuddle up to sleep, play together and groom each other neatly. They will meow to let you know when they have to use their litter box, so they are not only cute and friendly, but also very smart! The two brothers grew up together and are very dependent on the other for company, so we are looking for them to be adopted as a pair. like seeing double, Citrus and Lime are perfect for you!

If you would like to adopt one of these features cats, please contact Tokyo ARK☆★

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