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【Special Feature】The Cats attending 12.10 Adoption Event!

December 15, 2011

【Special Feature】The Cats attending 12.10 Adoption Event!

Are you looking to adopt a cat?

 At the next adoption event on December 10 (Saturday), which will take place at Hems Lloyd in Yamanashi, a large number of cats are scheduled to attend. If you would like to meet these lovely cats, please join us!(Don’t worry dog lovers, dogs are of course participating in the event!) Details of the event can be found here→ Tokyo ARK adoption event at Hems Lloyd

※Participating animals are subject to change without notice

 Male, 2 years old. Ku-chan came to ARK with the help of the volunteers who rescued him from the earthquake stricken Fukushima Prefecture. Patience and time is needed with him to get used to new environments, so please be gentle with him. Ku-chan loves to play and snuggle but can also be independent, making him a better fit in a home with adults only. Please come see the masculine boy with a soft, gentle side… Ku-chan!

 Male, 8 months. Ta-Bo’s mother was a stray cat who gave birth to him at an elementary school. Unfortunately, she ran away before ARK could rescue her, but Ta-Bo and his brother were saved. He is very playful and a true gentleman. He is waiting to spend his first Christmas this year in a nice warm home with a new family. ☆★

 Male, 8 months. Citrus came to ARK as one of four brothers, along with Cabos, Citron, and Lime. He loved to play with all of his siblings, and is now staying in Tokyo with Lime. Citrus loves attention and likes to be pet and held. He loves attention and thinks that the best bed is a lap. He and Lime love each other dearly. They like to play together and would be great in a home together.

 Male, 8 months. Lime came to ARK as one of four brothers, along with Cabos, Citron, and Citrus. He is the shy one between his brothers, and will be hesitant to meet new people at first. He is not much of a people person, but has recently discovered the joys of being snuggled and pet! He loves most to play with his brother and gets bored without a playmate, so we think it would be best if he is adopted with another kitten that he could play with. Preferably, Citrus, his beloved brother?

 Female, 2 years old. Yuhi came all the way to Tokyo from Fukushima. Her body may be all grown up but she is still very playful and in many ways acts like a kitten. She will sometimes meow when she’s hungry and when the food arrives she always has a good appetite! She is loves to be around her people and likes to sleep with her person on the bed at night. When she wakes in the morning hungry, she will wait for her food quietly. Please come see Yuhi at the event!

 Male, 8 years old. Naku is a beautiful Maine Coon cat. He is so gorgeous in person, that many people stare at him in awe of his beauty. Naku looks and acts like royalty, but he is not spoiled. He is a gentleman, and likes nothing more than to sleep near the warm sunlight in front of windows, and to get a nice grooming daily. He is a large cat, measuring about one meter in length from the tip of his tail to his head. If you are looking for a big, fluffy, gentleman, come see Naku on Saturday!

 If you would like to meet another cat that is not featured here, but can be found on this link,“Animals in Tokyo Available for Adoption” please feel free to contact Tokyo ARK!(

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 We cats and kittens would love to spend a nice Christmas in a warm, comfortable home! We could celebrate Christmas AND New Year’s together…and many, many more holidays! We hope to see you soon!

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