【Thank you!】Cat Food, Cat Litter Donations (Posted 12.19)

January 15, 2012

【Donations Needed】Cat Food


Donations of cat food are needed!

 ARK has rescued many kittens and cats. Currently, Tokyo ARK is low in supply of food for the animals. For the animals that are currently under our care, we must provide them with the nutrients and enough food until they are rehomed!

【 Cat food 】—————————————————– 

          ■ Wet food: for kitten and for adults
                  canned or pouches
                  preferably one that includes tuna and bonito/fish flakes


For those who are interested in donating, please contact Tokyo ARK. Thank you for your help and support!!

Tokyo ARK

【Wanted】Cat Litter

We would also like donations for cat litter!

Since the number of rescued cats have increased recently., our cat litter supply has decreased. There is no preference of litter brands. It would also be okay if it is an opened box of cat litter.

We appreciate your donations. For those who would like to donate, please contact Tokyo ARK!

Tokyo ARK