【Thank you!】Donations of food for dogs (Posted 12.19)

December 19, 2011

【Donations Needed】Donations of food for dogs (12.19)

Thank you for all of your efforts supporting ARK.

With your donations, we are able to provide our animals with sufficient food and keeping them in good health. We appreciate your cooperation and support.

We would like to request donations of the following foods for the dogs under our care.

Digestive Support Therapy Dog Food

Diet Therapy and Digestive Support

   Eita was one of the dogs rescued from the breeder located in the earthquake disaster area in late July. Test results revealed that he has hydrocephalus. In this case, the intestines may also be weak, and he will often have diarrhea. With the Royal Canin food that supports the gastrointestinal system, he has been in better health after further observations from the doctor.

  Eita is like a sweet baby! We would be grateful to find a loving home for him, where he could live happily ever after. Thank you to everyone who has supported Eita every step of the way to better health.

 (update) Eita is stronger, but his other dog friends also need stomach and digestive support!Tuckey and Miffy would also appreciate your donations!


We would appreciate the following food donations

■ Low fat dry dog digestive support (Royal Canin)
■ High-fiber dry dog digestive support (Royal Canin)
■ Low-fat canned dog digestive support (Royal Canin)


If you would like to send you donations to Tokyo ARK, please contact us!
Thank you all for your support and cooperation!

Tokyo ARK

【Donations Needed】Food for small dogs

Thank you for your help and support!

Food for small dogs
(Puppies and Adult)

  Thank you always for your kind and generous support! At the moment, we are running low on food for small dogs and need donations!

  Until we are able to find homes for these animals, they need to stay healthy with a good diet and sufficient nutrients. Sometimes, the changes in their environment can cause stress and lead to diarrhea and other instabilities in their bodies. We would prefer the brand Royal Canin, since the animals have been doing well on them. If you would like to send in a donation, please contact Tokyo ARK at (050-1557-2763)


We would appreciate donations for the following:

■ Indoor Mini-Junior Royal Canin (dry food for puppies)
■ Indoor Mini-Adult Royal Canin (dry food for puppies)
■ For any other food brands, please contact Tokyo ARK

If you would like to send your donations to Tokyo ARK, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your cooperation!

Tokyo ARK