【Announcement】Tokyo ARK - 2011 Reunion Party!

October 15, 2011

Important Attendance/Entrance Fee Information


To participate in the event, payment is requested in advance. We have sent out information to adoption and foster families by mail. (If you do not receive your invitations in a few days, please contact Tokyo ARK.

 ≪Fee to attend the event ≫
If you are looking to attend the event, please make payments by bank transfer in advance. Please make payments to the Tokyo ARK account (our bank account information is provided below). Your finalized confirmation to attend the event will be mailed in early November. please send confirmation of attendance portion of the letter and deposit.

Animal Refuge Kansai
Tokyo ARK

【For payment through Postal savings account from Yucho Bank accounts】
account number: 14100-98693081

【For payment through banks other than Yucho Bank】
Bank name: Yucho Bank
Branch: 418
Deposit: Savings
Account number: 9869308

 We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you very much

【Announcement】Tokyo ARK – 2011 Reunion Party! 

2011 Party for Tokyo ARK!! 

 We welcome all adoptive and foster families who have supported Tokyo ARK to join us in our Tokyo ARK Reunion party on December 4 (Sunday)! 

 Since Tokyo ARK’s establishment in 2005, we have been able to help over 300 animals and find new homes for them with the aid of adoptive and foster parents. We at Tokyo ARK would like to thank all of you very much for your help and support, and for giving these animals the love they deserve. 

 At the event, we would like to take time to thank everyone who supported Tokyo ARK this year and the years past. From volunteers, to the families that adopted and fostered our animals, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude. The event will also allow us to catch up with adoption families, and to share stories with others of what your journey has been like. With the earthquake disaster that struck earlier this year, we were grateful to find people coming together and supporting one another. Our organization has received the support of many and we are happy to reunite with familiar faces who have graciously kept Tokyo ARK and ARK moving forward through challenging times.

 Unfortunately, because the venue in which the event is taking place does not allow animals, we must ask our attendees to leave their beloved animals at home and to bring photos of their pet(s) to the event. We are looking are very forward to hearing all of your stories! Please come and join us!


2011 Tokyo ARK Reunion Party 

Elizabeth Oliver, along with representatives from Osaka ARK, will attend the buffet party. 

DATE:December 4, 2011 (Sunday) 11:30 to 13:30 (Registration starts from 11:00)

VENUE: Hotel Metropolitan Edmont
Iidabashi 3-10-8, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3237-1111

FEE:¥10000 per person
((This is a fundraising event. The entry fee is ¥4500, which will go to the construction of the Sasayama animal sanctuary for ARK.) 

How to Apply:
You will receive an invitation via mail from Tokyo ARK. 

 ※The application deadline will be until October 15
 ※ If an adoptive or foster family’s address has changed, please contact us at Tokyo ARK ( 、050-1557-2763)in order to receive your invitation via mail.
 ※ For those who are not adoptive or foster families and would like to attend, please contact Tokyo ARK ( 、050-1557-2763)

CAPACITY: 150 (first come first served)
※ Once we reached the capacity for reserved attendees, we will stop accepting applications for the event

Animals can not participate.。
Please bring your photos! 

 For those who are unable to attend and are interested in receiving more information about the event, please contact Tokyo ARK via our email: look forward to hearing from you!


Contact Information: Tokyo ARK
Phone: 050-1557-2763