【Thank you!】Photo Exhibition at Japan Publishers Club House

October 15, 2011

【News】Photo Exhibition at Japan Publishers Club House

“Every dog and cat should have a chance for a happy and healthy live.” Photo exhibition is on again!

  Back in March at “Gallery 80,” in Omotesando, in August at the “Mediatheque” in Sendai, we had the photo exhibitions take place. Both events were received well, and this time, the location where the event will be held is a tea lounge owned and used by the Japan Publishers Club in Kagurazaka. They generously allowed ARK to use their space to hold the photo exhibition.

  The photo exhibition held back in March in Tokyo happened right after the earthquake, so many of you may have missed attending the event. Therefore, we welcome any visitors to come by and view the exhibition this time. Please come see the photos of the ARK animals taken by the ARK photographer Harada Kyoko.

  For this exhibition, the ARK staff is unable to attend the event daily. However, please stop by to view the photo exhibition while enjoying a cup of tea at the lounge with your family and friends. The tea lounge presents an opportunity for you to sit and relax while viewing the photos in a quiet setting.


If you liked the photos displayed at the exhibition, there is also a photo book available for purchase at the event.

Date: September 07, 2011 (Wednesday) – September 30 (Fri)
   Lounge OPEN: 9:00-21:00
Location: Japan Publications Clubhouse
Cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 6 bags
TEL: 03-3267-6111