【Special Feature】Milk's Story

July 11, 2011

【Featured Story】 Milk (Posted 2011.7.11)

 Milk’s story with ARK began after the March 2011 earthquake when a breeder located in the disaster area requested the rescue of their dogs ( Milk came to Tokyo after ARK agreed to rescue her from the breeder.

 When we visited the breeder for the first time, we encountered over 100 dogs in his care. The dogs were terribly dirty and unkempt. The majority of the dogs were Chinese-crested dogs and miniature poodles. There were several mixes and only one French bulldog, a 3 year old female named Milk. The dogs were well fed, and Milk was found having a stout physique. She seemed healthy and happy, not in much shock or fear from the recent earthquake.
 On April 28, 2011, the ARK van was loaded with Milk and several other dogs in the first of our many rescues from the breeder’s home. The dogs received health checks at the Nakata Animal Hospital and were okay to go into foster care after being neutered and spayed. Then on towards the next step: to find a new family!

 Soon after we brought Milk to Tokyo, an adoption questionnaire was received at the Tokyo ARK office. The questionnaire was from the from Embassy of Uruguay, and it stated that they wanted to get more information on how to help with the dogs affected by the earthquake. The questionnaire said that they were interested in adopting a flat nosed dog. Milk’s chances of getting adopted were looking good.
 However, there was one concern that had the staff worried. One day, if the person from the embassy would have to go back to their native country, would they be able to take Milk back with them? We had to know the process of taking an animal into their native country, and make sure dogs would be easy to import. It is not as easy putting a dog on the airplane and simply taking it back with you. Thankfully, we soon found out that the person who wanted to adopt Milk was the Ambassador of Uruguay! She already knew the process of importing animals into her country.

 The staff welcomed her to come meet Milk at the adoption event. When they met, it was an instant connection. The ambassador decided to go through a trial phase of a couple days, and she quickly decided to adopt Milk. Milk and her new owner are very close with each other. She calls Milk “Miki-miki.” When she calls her name, her voice reflects a lot of affection and love towards Milk.

 The Tohoku-Pacific earthquake brought the attention of many people all over the world. Japan has received a lot of international support. ARK has also received an outpouring of warmth and kind words from foreign citizens which we appreciate so much. Because of the support and aid being received from many countries, we believe that Milk was able to find a happy home. Before, she was living in a breeding facility with terrible conditions. After the quake, she came to Tokyo and received a lot of affection from people who wanted to see see her live a happy life. From now on she’ll have the Ambassador of Uruguay on her side! Such a happy life for our sweet Milk! People’s lives are filled with so many events, and dogs go through many of their own ups and downs as well. This is a story about a sweet little dog getting a second chance at happiness and life.☆

Good luck to Milk and her new family! The world is waiting for you!