【Thank you!】BIO8000 ARK Collaboration on Sale!

October 15, 2011

【Announcement】BIO8000 ARK Collaboration on Sale!

 BIO8000(バイオ8000)BIO8000 The eco-bio division of NTC Cream Max Inc. created a solution that kills germs, deodorizes, and works as an antibacterial. The BIO8000 made specifically to use around pets is being released with a special ARK. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to ARK. The ARK series BIO8000 250mL spray bottle comes with an ARK eco-bag and an original pin.

 Using BIO8000 has 3 beneficial features!
 ■ 100% Organic: made from pure elements from soil almost 8000 years old.
 ■ Eco-friendly: harmful chemicals are not used to create the solution
■ safe and harmless: because dangerous chemicals are not used, it is safe to use around pets and humans. It is also fragrance free.

 At the Tokyo ARK office, BIO8000 is being used everyday! Cleaning after the animals, disinfecting crates and kennels, and used by the staff to sanitize the ARK van. The solution does not harm animals, and because it is unscented, the animals are not bothered by any chemical smells. You can use it just about anywhere! Even the ARK staff purchases the product for personal use at home.

 The ARK series BIO8000 is being sold at the Tokyo ARK adoption events as well. So please come see us at the events! It can be purchased for personal use or as a gift!☆

 Thank you to NTC Dream Max Inc. for your help and supporting ARK!

Link: ECOBIO series “BIO8000” :