【Rest in Peace】 Mimi (aka Marie) chan

July 15, 2011

【Rest in Peace】Mimi (aka Marie) Chan

 On the morning of June 29th Mimi-chan passed away due to old age.

 Mimi-chan was found on August 25, 2009 wandering around a parking lot. When she was found, her neck was twisted and she was treated at the vet. There was a volunteer who decided to foster Mimi-chan short term and rehabilitate her back to better health. Because of their hard work and dedication to see Mimi-chan healthy again, her neck straightened and went back to a normal shape.

 It was difficult to find a adoptive family for Mimi-chan because of her old age. Mimi-chan eventually became an office dog and stayed at the Tokyo ARK office. Her presence brought a warm atmosphere to the office and greeted visitors and staff with her trademark “Mimi-chan smile.” Even at her old age, she loved to go on walks. During the fist 100 meters of the walk, she would always do her “Mimi-chan dash” that would leave the staff out of breath. She also loved to eat, and would become restless and antsy during meal and snack times. She would scarf down any food that was given to her by the staff. Sometimes, she would secretly eat the food leftover by other dogs.

 This summer, the same volunteer who nursed back to health fostered Mimi-chan at their home in Nassu. Just like the walks in Tokyo, she enjoyed walking in areas with a lot of grass and trees. Feeling the wind, she was open to freely roam around a big yard filled with grass. She was able to spend many wonderful days there doing what she loved best. By spending time in Nassu, with its natural surroundings, she was able to spend her last months living a quiet, comfortable life.

 We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to those who helped to give Mimi-chan a second chance at life. She was able to live and died in a natural way, free of disease, illness or discomfort. Tokyo ARK would like to thank the her foster family who opened their homes and hearts to Mimi-chan, the doctors at the Nakata clinic for their care and treatments, and the staff at Haiji Veterinary Clinic. On behalf of Mimi-chan we express our gratitude to all of those above.

  Mimi-chan, Thank You

  May you rest in peace.