Regarding e-mail from Tokyo ARK

July 15, 2011

【お詫び】  Regarding e-mail from Tokyo ARK

Between April 27 (Wednesday) and June 20 (Monday), our e-mail server had a malfunction causing many of our e-mail messages to be sent to the SPAM folder. Due to this discrepancy, we were unable to open these messages, thus we could not reply. The defect has since been repaired and now we are able to open all of your messages.
For those who did not receive our replies, we deeply apologize for any inconveniences. We will reply to all messages in order of receipt. For those who have sent us urgent messages, we will reply to these as soon as possible. We will greatly appreciate those who can re-send us any messages if you are concerned of the message not reaching us. Any mandatory or emergency e-mail can be re-sent, so we can attend to these matters quickly.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

Tokyo ARK