【Thank you!!】Rescue of abandoned dogs

May 9, 2016

It is all thanks to your help that foster parents for the four have been decided!  By now, they are all happily living in their respective, forever homes.

Thanks again for all your support and hard work! 

Just like our Osaka facility, Tokyo ARK had a very busy Golden Week.  It started on May 1st, with an email from a real estate agent. 

“A tenant has moved out without notice … and she’s left her five dogs behind.” We immediately phoned to confirm the details. The realtor sent us some shocking photos. They showed that food had been flung onto the floor, but rendered inedible – it was covered in faeces and urine. The real estate agent entered the premises a week after the tenant had left and found there was no water for the dogs.






We went to the apartment the following day to rescue the dogs, but one had already succumbed to hunger and dehydration.

We brought two Great Pyrenees, a Sheltie and a Corgi safely back to our Tokyo office. All are good natured, gentle dogs and seem very comfortable around people.

The first thing they all needed was a warm bath! Their fur, encrusted with excrement, was matted and hard. With the help of a dedicated volunteer trimmer, the dogs got a completely new look and the first taste of their life to come. 



After visiting the vet and having all necessary procedures done, these four brave dogs will be ready to start looking for their forever homes. They’ll be an adoption fair soon. Please come along and meet them!