Second ARK Charity Golf Competition

November 26, 2011

Second ARK Charity Golf Competition

On October 26 2011, a charity golf competition to support ARK was held in Royal Country Club, Toyota, Aichi.
183 participants gathered at the invitation of the event organizers, Mr. Inagaki from French Dining Kokoriko and Mr. Yamazaki from Express Service and they rented the whole facility for this event.

ARK representative Elizabeth Oliver and ARK member Ms. Kayano were at the event. They did not (precisely speaking, could not…) play golf but introduced ARK activities during a meal and raised subscription for Sasayama Sanctuary (tentative name), a new ARK facility that is under construction in Sasayama, Hyogo.

It was a great opportunity for ARK to be involved in such an event in Tokai area where ARK recognition is not so high. ARK would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all participants and Mr. Inagaki and Mr. Yamazaki who made great efforts to carry out the event.
ARK would also like to appreciate the members of St. Michael Preschool in Kobe who introduced Mr. Inagaki to ARK, visited the venue from the day before and kindly supported the event as well as the companies and individuals who were kind enough to contribute some beautiful prizes. Profits of this event will be used for building our new facility, Sasayama Sanctuary (tentative name).

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