【Thank you!】Rescuing Animal-Hoarding Maltese Dogs

October 1, 2011

Rescuing Animal-Hoarding Maltese Dogs

On June 21, a man visited ARK and said, “I’d like to consult with you about my dogs.” According to him, he purchased a male and a female Maltese eight years ago, and now has 23 dogs (it was actually 24) because he didn’t have them neutered. However, he lives in an apartment, so it didn’t take long to get complaints from the neighbors. The manager of the apartment told him to write a promissory letter that he would part with his dogs by June 30 or he move out of the apartment. The worst scenario was to take the dogs to hokensho (public health centre).

ARK have rescued five of them, this is the maximum number for us at the moment as we have been continuously taking in animals from a breeder whose home was damaged in the Tohoku disaster. All five will be spayed and neutered within days of arriving at ARK and we will work to make room for the rest of the dogs.

UPDATE: We managed to arrange some spaces for the rest of the dogs and brought them to ARK on June 28. We were relieved that none of them were sent to hokenjo. We will be spaying and neutering all of these dogs and they will get thorough health examinations. Some dogs of the dogs are sure to find homes before we are able to add them to the website so please contact us if you would are interested in adopting any of them.

 Male dogs: 5
 Female dogs: 13
 Total: 18 dogs (The owner said he already found new homes for 6 dogs.)

Although we usually keep the small dogs indoors since there were so many some of them are currently in outdoor kennels. We hope to find homes for most of them before the summer weather turns too hot.
We appreciate your support!