【Thank you!】Spiv Needs Foster Family

October 31, 2010

Spiv Needs Foster Family

ARK requested to support Spiv through the sponsoring dog program.
Thanks to many people’s support in the expenditures for food and medical treatment, ARK could take care of him and he is now 3 years old.
(Regarding sponsoring dog program, please see the following page.)

He was very fine and ARK also reported about him in ARK staff’s home and adoption event in ARK’s tail.
However, Spiv (Butchan) suddenly fell over during the evening waking the other day.
His gum became white and Butchan had diarrhea and vomited.
Butchan is a canine babesiosis carrier, so we thought he finally developed the disease.
We called vet and quickly took him to a hospital with blood donor dogs.

As a result of examinations, we found canine babesiosis had not developed yet but we could not know the main cause of his illness. We placed him in a hospital as his liver enzyme level was abnormally high. Luckily, he recovered now but we are worried that he might become ill again as ARK is located in a very cold area. So, Butchan now stays in an ARK staff’s home for temporary evacuation.

Butchan was born with a problem that his anus and rectum are not connected. After a surgery, he was able to defecate and continues to take medicines including cathartic and antiflatulent to support his bowl movements. However, he tended to be constipated these days. We assume severe cold climate and constipation might be the causes of his illness.

We were worried the possibility that Butchan might be ill again as it will be colder in the region where ARK is located. So, we decided to find a foster family for him while asking his sponsors to support him. We of course think it is the best way to find his new home though…
We plan to find him a foster family if possible as the ARK staff, who keeps Butchan now, needs to look after other ARK dogs at home.

Butchan is very friendly with both humans and other dogs, enjoys waking a lot and is potty-trained as well. We are sure you’ll find Butchan is lovely and excellent to live with. He needs careful control on his health problems such as bowl movements and anemia, but we don’t want to give up finding his home. If you are capable of and interested in looking after Spiv at your home as a foster family, please contact us.
We and Butchan look forward to your contact.

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