【Thank you!】We have found a foster home for Mie-chan!

October 30, 2010

Looking for Mie-chan’s foster home

Update: 11 November, 2010
We have found a foster home for Mie-chan!

And, for the reason that Mie-chan (left) would miss her feline family and be lonely all on her own, our foster carer has taken Lala (right) on board, too.
We are breathing a sigh of relief that such an understanding person has come forward, before it becomes cold in earnest.
The search for permanent homes for Mie-chan and her family continues. We look forward to hearing from you!

‘Hey, what about us? We want someone to take us home, too!’

Mi-chan is one of seven cats living at ARK since being rescued in September from a small house where two unneutered siblings multiplied to over forty within a matter of a year .(read more
 Perhaps because she lived in such overcrowded, poorly ventilated, unsanitary conditions for so long, and perhaps because she is inbred and constitutionally weak, she suffers from chronic flu-like symptoms (at the moment in the form of a runny nose and eyes), which are only partially responsive to treatment. She is much improved since she first came to ARK, but the harsh reality here is that we must be concerned for our other feline residents. Although bright, friendly and well in herself, Mi-chan is an infectious risk to others, especially the kittens in the barn nearby. Another concern is that as the temperature falls as winter approaches, Mi-chan’s symptoms will worsen. ARK really isn’t an ideal environment for a cat like Mi-chan longterm.

 The chance of Mi-chan finding a permanent home is slim, but we are desperately seeking someone who would be willing to take her on as a foster carer. ARK will take full responsibility for her veterinary needs. All we ask is for someone who is able to provide her with a loving home, and willing to bring her along to the clinic at Osaka ARK for occasional check-ups (monthly or as required).

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the office in the first instance for more details. We would urge you to come and see Mi-chan for yourself, as photos really don’t do either her or her family justice!

(Mi-chan: left)
Mi-chan is approximately one year old, female and speyed. She is FIV and FeLV negative. She is incredibly gentle and friendly to both humans and cats, although she would have to go to a home with no other cats (if you would like a friend for her, perhaps you would consider another member of her family, too!)