【Thank you!】Salmon Looking for a Foster Family!

October 30, 2010

23 September (Wed) Update
Salmon finds a foster family!
Today her new mom came to pick her up.
She is very sensitive to changes in environment and is susceptible to sickness; we wish for her speedy adjustment to the new environment and for her to enjoy a peaceful life.
We would like to thank the family who became her foster family and those who have been supporting her.
Thank you very much!

25 August (Wed) Update

<Ear Cleaning Solution Needed>
Salmon’s ears get irritated with the cleaning solution we use with other animals, but saline solution is not very effective… So we are using a cleaner called “Zymox Otic Ear Protector.”
If you wanted to foster her but are not able to, donationi of this Zymox Otic Ear Protector would be a great help for her.
We appreciate your understanding and support.

We also need Frontline Spray!

Salmon Looking for a Foster Family!

On June 27, 11 dogs were rescued from a breeder and brought to ARK. One of the dogs is Salmon.
All of the dogs had skin problems and those that have not been adopted are being given baths and ear cleanings regularly. Salmon, however, has allergies so it is harder to treat her.
Please click on the link to see Salmon’s profile:

Salmon has a polyp inside her left ear that is difficult to remove. Possibly due to the polyp, her ears gets dirty more easily. When we use medicine to treat her ears she develops a rash so we can only clean her ears with saline water. We have also been using steroids and antibiotics.

Due to her condition, we are not able to introduce her to prospective adopters. But we would like her to live with a loving family so we have decided to find her a foster family.

Conditions for fostering Salmon:
★Must not have any dogs, cats or small children.
Salmon stands up to animals/humans who are weaker than her so she needs to be the only pet. She also eats things so children’s toys are a danger to her.
★Must be able to bathe her once a week. (Or bring her to ARK once a week to be bathed.)
★Must be able to bring her to ARK for regular check-ups with our vet.

Salmon’s vocal chords were removed. She tries to bark but no barking sound comes out. It is a shame, but it also means that she would not disturb other people if her foster family lives in an apartment complex.

If you are interested in fostering Salmon, please contact the ARK Office!
TEL: 072-737-0712 (10:00-17:00)
E-mail: (24 hours)

“I’m looking forward to meeting you!”