Recommencement of Volunteer Activities at our Nose and Sasayama Facilities

May 28, 2020

*Please note that all volunteer vacancies for this month have been filled. We will post further instructions for July shortly. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding in these difficult times.

Now that the state of emergency has been lifted, ARK will be pleased to offer a limited number of volunteer opportunities over the next few weeks. Pleas review the requirements below. We ask your continued patience and hope we will soon be able to extend opportunities to all who would like to help.

We are, however, unable to accept offers to help from first time volunteers for the time being. We must also decline to have volunteers staying in our dormitory.

We ask that you apply by email when possible, but it is possible to apply by phone if you do not have access to email. 

<Application Requirements>

 ・Previous experience working as a volunteer for ARK (we are unable to accept first-time applications at this time);

 ・Ability to start work no later than 10:30 in the morning;

 ・Preparedness to wear a face mask at all times when working with other volunteers or staff;

 ・Not having suffered ill-health for the week before working as a volunteer. Those suffering even slight cold symptoms are asked to refrain;

 ・Taking and recording your temperature before leaving for ARK.


We look forward to welcoming all volunteers again soon!