ARK Promotion Video

April 30, 2017

A big thank you to Nora Johansson, a high school student, who kindly took her time to make an ARK Promotion Video!

Not only has Nora’s family adopted from ARK, but she herself has helped out as a volunteer at every Adoption Event so far. She is wonderful at taking photographs and has a keen interest in the importance of adopting.

           Dog and daughter

The video consists of interviews with ARK board members, volunteers and also adoptive parents, including Nora’s own father and her extended family back in her home country of Sweden. Her family adopted a great dog called Jerry from ARK and took him along with them to Sweden!

Since becoming an adopter herself, Nora would like to help spread the word of animals shelters such as ARK and to of course promote adoption.



We are so grateful to Nora and we hope you help us spread her words of wisdom!

Thank you NORA!