ARK No. D51-60EE
Arrived at ARK December 2021
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in May 2011
Weight 16.5kg (as of December 2021)
Breed Standard Poodle
Colour Black and Dark Grey
Background Veronica was brought to ARK after her owner became ill and unable to care for her.

What fabulous fur you have! That’s a compliment I receive most days. I also have a fabulous personality to match. I would describe myself as loving, calm and affectionate. I absolutely love people and will gladly ask for pats and rub my head against you for cuddles. Funnily, I like being hand fed- perhaps that is what I was used to at my previous home? Either way, I’m just happy to be around people. Since arriving to ARK, I’ve been feeling a little lonely, so it would be wonderful to meet a loving family sooner than later. Please come visit me soon!