ARK No. D49-28CC
Arrived at ARK March 2019
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in February 2004
Weight 10.56kg(as of March 2019)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour Cream
Background Previous owner moved to a nursing home and could not take Teddy. 

Just like my name, I am brown, fluffy, and quite nice to cuddle. I may be old but I am energetic and always ready for some playtime! I get along well with other dogs and trims/treatments are not an issue. I can even hold my bathroom urges until someone lets me out. 

I love people and howl a bit when left alone but it may also just be that I’m taking a bit of time to get used to my new environment. 

Can’t wait to meet my new family that doesn’t leave me alone too much and will let me snuggle.