Born in 2000
Black Tabby


ARK No. TC14-17
Arrived at ARK June 2014
Sex Male
Age Born in 2000
Colour Black Tabby
Background Work commitments necessitated a move to no-pet housing.

Stan and his brother were adopted at around the age of 8. Stan’s brother soon developed diabetes, but was lucky enough to have very responsible and caring owners who kept him as healthy and comfortable as they could until he passed away last year. Stan seems determined to live the long life his brother couldn’t – he’s fighting fit. At 14, he’s the picture of health and handsome, too! All he needs is a loving home. He’ll provide the conversation and affection and will never worry about minor details – he’ll find a lap (or comfy chair) and claim it. He’s not one to rush things, but we want to see him in a new home ASAP.