ARK No. D46-88Z
Arrived at ARK August 2016
Sex Male
Age Born around 2007
Weight 7.6kg
Breed Shih Tzu x Yorkshire Terrier x Dachshund 
Colour Brindle
Background Sorbet was surrendered to ARK because of his family’s financial circumstances.

Have you ever met a dog that loves people sooo much he just leaps onto their laps? It might have been me! I love love love people and can hardly wait for ARK to find me the right family so I can be with them all the time.

Do you already have a dog? No problem! I lived with other dogs at my first home. I’m great with other dogs!

Is appearance important? Look no further! I am sooo cute, with the sparkliest eyes…


You have met me yet but have fallen in love? Write to ARK straight away! I’ll be waiting!