ARk No. DA48-117AA
Arrived at ARK December 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born around 2012
Weight 13kg (as of January 2018)
Breed Zasshu (Crossbreed)
Colour Brown
Background Skiros was part of a large-scale rescue, where many dogs were being kept in poor conditions. 
More info about Skyros

Japan Times

Hello there, Skiros here! As you can probably tell from my profile pictures, I am a very sweet, friendly and adorable dog. In fact, I am one of the friendliest dogs here and I cannot help but wag my tail non-stop when people come see me. I simply cannot get enough of visitors! I am very easy to walk on the lead, I do well at the vet’s office and I’m the relaxed, happy-go-lucky type. I am a gorgeous mix but I definitely have the Shiba-charm going on! I do hope you come see me and take me for a relaxing walk in the woods!