Sir Mercury

Born around April 2013


ARK No. TC13-19
Arrived at ARK November 2011
Age Born around April 2013
Colour Tabby
Background Rescued by a former ARK volunteer during TNR. Brought to ARK once his injuries healed.

Maybe the expression “shy boy” was made with Sir Mercury in mind. Injured in an accident as a small kitten, Sir Mercury had to be confined in a cage while his bones healed, so he hasn’t had much chance yet to get to know people. That doesn’t stop him from purring up a storm once he gets going, though. Even a shy guy has to let his true colours show through sometimes. Once he knows you, you’ll find a real softie in him. His sweet meow is so charming, once you hear his dulcet tones, you’ll be his forever! Sir Mercury adores other cats, so he would be perfect for a family with a resident feline.