Born in October 2012


ARK No D41-40W
Arrived at ARK March 2013
Sex Female 
Age Born in October 2012
Wight 8.5 kilos as of now (will be bigger)
Breed Mix
Colour black x light brown
Background Rescued by Hokenjyo when she was found wandering and brought to ARK when the time limit was up.

My coloring is so unique. I am certainly one of a kind! I think from the photo you can see how fluffy I am. It makes me look like a little bear. I am shy at first because I wasn’t socialized when I was younger. Once I know someone I become very friendly. Just give me a chance! I really want to play with other dogs but I am not sure how to go about it. Again, probably due to a lack of socialization. I need a family that will educate me and give me a lot of experiences. While you grab your phone, I will sit here with this adorable face and wait for you….