Born in 2001
Shetland Sheepdog


ARK No. D36-5U
Arrived at ARK January 2011
Sex Female
Age Born in 2001
Weight 5.3kg
Breed Shetland Sheepdog
Colour White and black
Background The owner can’t keep her because of economic reasons. She came here with Aki and Natsu.

I hope you don’t think I am going to go out and chase sheep. I am not a Border Collie! My coloring might make me look like one but I am not! I am a very sweet Sheltie. I wasn’t fed enough so I am very underweight. ARK is new for me and I have a lot of stress so it has been hard to gain weight. I am very kind to other dogs. I am also obedient. I am a senior dog so I am mellow. It would be great if I could get adopted soon so I can get my own home. Then I will be spayed and hopefully I’ll put on some weight. I am a very nice dog. Don’t miss the chance to adopt a sweet girl like me!