Born in August 2009
Orange Tabby


ARK No C15-170S
Arrived at ARK December 2009
Sex Male
Age Born in August 2009
Colour Orange Tabby
Background A child who lives in non-pet friendly apartment and is allergic to cats adopted 3 cats through the Internet without telling the parents.

Phew, only 8 months old but I have had a bumpy ride so far! First off, I was a stray for the first 4 months of my life. I was not used to people at all. Then, I got adopted by people who couldn’t keep me. During that time I didn’t get used to people. I am still very timid and afraid of strangers. When the staff at ARK tries to clean my cage I get really nervous and vomit due to stress. I am a good cat but I need a family that can understand my behavior and work with me to help me get better. If you are a real cat person then please consider adopting me. I really need a loving family!