ARK No. D46-93Z
Arrived at ARK August 2016
Sex Male
Age Born in December 2006
Weight 4.4kg
Breed Toypoodle
Colour Gray x White
Background Allergies prevented the previous owner’s relatives from taking Scrooge in when the owner passed away.

Not many dogs can say they like absolutely everyone, but Scrooge can! Even if he’s only just met you, he’s sure he likes you very much! He also loves his food and going for walks. Whereas most dogs draw the line at trimming and vet visits, Scrooge just thinks those are what you make of them. He’s a positive kind of guy. He gets on well with other dogs, too. Looking at him, it’s hard to believe he is 10 years old. He’s fighting fit and ready for action – preferably with his new forever family!