Born in the middle of July, 2014
brown & black


ARK No. D43-118X
Arrived at ARK September 2014
Sex Male
Age Born in the middle of July, 2014
Size He will be medium sized. 6.67 kilos as of Oct. 15th.
Colour brown & black
Background Born as a stray dog
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Check out my fuzzy blanket! Have you ever seen such a nice blanket for a dog? Here I was a stray dog with no future ahead. Now I have this awesome place to stay and an awesome blanket. What’s next? Well, a permanent loving home, of course! Since I was a stray puppy, I am a little timid at first. But I really like people and I remember who comes to see me. I get along great with other dogs. I also get along with food! I love to eat! I am good at walking. I am not too sure about that vet person yet… I really hope you will consider a cute puppy like me!