Arrived at ARK D45-149Y
Arrived at ARK November 2015
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born around 2012
Weight 20kg
Breed Cross breed
Colour Black×Brown
Background Rescued when he was wandering
Further comments: Road spent a bit of time alone and rather liked it, but is learning to get on with new people and dogs. He’s smart and learns fast. 

You can see from my photos that I am at Sasayama playing in the dog run.

I love the dog run. I also really like to play with people.

I have tons of energy and I am super friendly.

Food is a favorite as well. I am also very very smart.

Once I started training I learned everything so quickly.

Sit, down, shake… ha! Those were easy for me.

I have been to ARK twice because I am a sensitive dog that needs someone who really understands dogs.

I get sick easily due to stress.

I hope you will talk to the ARK staff about adopting me.

I am a very good dog who just needs the right people!