ARK No. TC17-34
Arrived at ARK October 2017
Sex Female
Age Born in August 2017
Weight 1.7 kg (as of November 2017)
Colour Black and white
Background Came to ARK via someone who answered a plea for help on SNS, but lived in no-pet housing.
Japan Times

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap … very high and very fast. Rapide may not be superwoman, but she certainly is fast! There’s no slowing down – just non-stop motion! 

She sometimes gets a bit much for the other cats in her foster home, but there’s not a hint of aggression in Rapide. She just can’t keep slow down. There’s no “slow” setting – just “fast” and “stop”.

Rapide and her sister, Debonnaire, will make a wonderful addition to any family – Rapid will join in any games you have going! She also likes other cats, so if you already have one, that’s no problem either…

We hope Debonnaire and Rapide can find their own home very soon!