ARK No. D48-2BB
Arrived at ARK January 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around 2008
Weight 15,6kg
Breed Zasshu
Colour White/Brown
Background Promise’s owner was hospitalized and no longer able to care for her. 

I am a sweet older gal who enjoys the quiet life, with not too much fuss. I’m very laid-back, friendly and eager to please. I may be a little bit hand-shy, but I show my affection by sitting by your feet and following you around from room to room. I am very sweet and would make a lovely addition to the family. My favourite hobby is definitely walking! Oh, and eating. I like my food. My charm point is my adorable face and lop-sided ears! I hope you’ll come take me for a walk and I promise we’ll have a wonderful time together!