ARK No. D52-53GG
Arrived at ARK December 2023
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Female
Age Born in November 2013
Weight 21.7kg
Breed Pit Bull × Plott Hound
Background Portia's former owner had too many dogs to care for.

Portia is a delightful, energetic and kind hearted Plott hound mix. She is friendly to everyone and anyone she meets and will wag her tail enthusiastically when saying hello. She is also known for being eager to please and will gently give you her paw to ask for attention and cuddles. Portia gets along with most dogs, depending on if their personalities match, so a home with a dog already may work well. Still being very young, Portia has a lot to learn but we’re sure she will grow up to be a confident, happy and content dog, who will make a lovely addition to a family.