ARK No. D49-93BB
Arrived at ARK August 2018
Sex Male
Age Born around 2015
Breed Zasshu
Colour Cream
Background Pegasus was found wandering the street and was rescued.

Although I am shy at first, a couple pats and I’m all yours! I play around with other puppies acting like their big brother and when I get into trouble with the big dogs, I look the other way pretending not to notice. People I meet call me laid back and I agree 100%. Walks are great! I’m working on not pulling on the lead so much, and sometimes I can sit on command too. No one knows my past because someone found me wondering about, but you can tell I’m a good boy. I can even stay still at the vets and that’s a big deal in my world. Come see me because we might just be the perfect match!