ARK No. D52-3HH
Arrived at ARK January 2024
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in October 2021
Weight 5.9kg
Breed French bulldog
Background Pascal's former family moved and couldn't continue caring for him.

Monsieur Pascal is quite the French charmer! Like most frenchies, he is adaptable, playful, eager to please and very affectionate. We particularly love his cute expressions and the way he enjoys being carried around like a baby!  Pascal is a relaxed and gentle walker, who enjoys his leisurely strolls but equally enjoys just lounging with good company. When he arrived to ARK he was quite underweight, however with healthy meals alongside a good appetite, we are seeing an improvement and he is looking better by the day. All Pascal needs know is a wonderful family who will provide him with a fun, safe, and playful environment and of course spoil him with all the love he deserves!