ARK No. D41-87W
Arrived at ARK June 2013
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born in June 2011
Weight 18.45kg(as of August 2020)
Breed Mix
Colour White
Background A group of unspayed/unneutered dogs lived in the mountains and were being fed by someone. People in the area began to complain. Thirty-four dogs were rescued and brought to ARK.
From ARK He is afraid of people so it would be great if you come see him constantly until he gets used to you. His hip joint is not strong enough so he needs long walks to make it stronger.
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I look so happy. Actually, I am happy. I was born in the mountains so being around many people and cars after I was rescued frightened me. I moved to the Sasayama shelter which is quieter and more my style. Here I feel more at home and I let my puppy side show—even though I am not a puppy! I am still a shy dog and need a family that can understand my background. I don’t get along with other dogs except for Chrotilda. We are best buddies. I hope you can understand my situation and consider giving me a loving home.