Born around July, 2013
Black & White


ARK No. TC14-04
Arrived at ARK March 2013
Sex Male
Age Born around July, 2013
Colour Black & White
Background The original owner needed to return overseas for medical treatment.

There are so many things I love, I can’t even count them! Even if I had time to count, which I don’t, because I’m sooo busy climbing things, running around, waiting to pounce on my brother, Mosman… I’ve got so much to do! I nearly forgot… the best place in the world is on people’s shoulders. You can see everything from there. It’s really fun. Most cats don’t like having their tails touched, but I think it’s great! It makes me want to lie on my back and show you my belly! I’m ready and waiting to go to my forever home. I really want to take my brother Mosman with me. We’ll be more than twice as much fun together.